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With over 80% of consumers now using the internet to find things (from new shoes to local service-providers), online presence is more critical than ever if you are a business owner.

At Apache SEO, we help businesses be the very first thing that a potential customer sees when searching for their services online. If you think that your business could benefit from more highly targeted traffic, click the button below and schedule a call!

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How to Increase Your Web Traffic Using Local Buffalo SEO

Hi, I’m Perry, and I am here to talk to you about how we can rank your business to the first page of Google and increase your revenue and client base exponentially.

As a consumer, consider how you go about looking for goods or services these days. That’s right, you head over to Google and type in what you are looking for.

Over 80% of consumers search for things they are going to purchase this way, so I am sure you know the value of being the very first thing they see.

This is where we come in.

You start by filling out our discovery application (linked below and above) and receiving a free consultation that will last between 30 and 60 minutes. During our call, we will discuss your future revenue increase, client acquisition, and the overall higher rankings of not just your website, but multiple online properties that you control. So click the button below, read the information, and we will be looking forward to contacting you shortly!

What is SEO and what can it do for your business?

For those of you who wish to know a little but more about Search Engine Optimization and what it can do for you, please read on!

Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (usually referred to as SEO) is tantamount to a business' success in the 21st century. With almost every facet of life rapidly transferring to the digital market, advertising and business online has already changed from a trend to a reality.

To put it simply, if you are not on the top of the Google searches, you are leaving money on the table for whoever is on the top to pick up.

In local markets such as Buffalo, this can be a game changer for small to medium size businesses, and make the difference between staying stagnant and expanding to a whole other level.

How Can I Start Doing This Myself?

In order to see better rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, your website will need to be optimized completely to show the algorithms that control website rank that you have the content and quality to be on the top. In many cases, subtle optimization errors or oversights can mean the difference between the top of page 1 or the bottom of page 2 and, in a world where nobody ever goes to page 2, that is huge.

To increase your odds of success therefore, it is important to hire a professional optimizer/consultant (SEO) to do this for you. We have spent years studying the various Google algorithms to find out what helps and hurts a website's rankings. There are numerous benefits to seeking out and hiring an experienced Buffalo SEO expert to help you with your sites optimization, and we will dive into a few below!

Benefits of an SEO

An SEO will save you time. Huge amounts of time. It can take months to learn what makes a website go up/down and sometimes, by the time you have figured it out, Google changes and you have to start over. When you take our company on (for example) we need only to look at your website to identify problems that have held you back in the search results.

Another part of optimization is keyword research. We conduct thorough keyword research based on what your competitors are currently targeting, make it harmonious with your website content, and get you in the game. This process can also be very time consuming, and hiring an SEO can let you get back to worrying about what matters the most - your business.

Cost Effective

When you hire an SEO expert, you are getting a phenomenal return on your investment. Many businesses spend thousands (even hundreds of thousands) every month on other forms of advertising and only receive minimal break-even results. This type of advertising is outdated and works on the hope that someone who sees it will want your product or service.

SEO outclasses these more traditional advertising methods because it puts your brand/business/service right in the path of customers who already have the intent to buy. This is incredibly powerful and when you hire the right expert, can save you and your business a lot of time and money.

If you are on a budget, there are always options. Talk with your consultant and have them work on a keyword-by-keyword basis, instead of going after everything at once. That way you are able to spend less until you get the results you need to spend more. Furthermore, you do not need to be a massive corporation in order to afford SEO. Many reputable firms (like ourselves) are happy to work with small to medium size businesses (we actually prefer it!) and accommodate to most budgetary restrictions. There is no harm in reaching out!

Finding an Expert

There are many ways to find a professional SEO, but the most important part comes after you have found someone you might want to work with. Instead of throwing your hard earned money at the first company that catches your eye, we advise you to dig deeper. Look at their reviews for example, and make sure you talk with them to see if they are a right fit for you. Those who do not know what they are doing can actually damage your site and cause it to be penalized by Google. This means it will become unsearchable and will take a professional SEO quite some time to undo.

With that all being said, we hope you have seen the clear benefits of hiring an SEO to help your Buffalo business. Help us help you, and give us a call today so we can start elevating your business!

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